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پاکستان صحافیوں کے لئے خطرناک جگہ؟

Are the media the Enemy of the People? Yes, says President Trump. Marvin Kalb and I disagree. A VoA Urdu Service report. I also made the point that in Pakistan and elsewhere, the media only reflect society as it is. And that Pakistan remains a dangerous place to practise journalism. Some 33 journalists reportedly killed in the line of duty since the late 1990s. By different actors.

Discussion on US-Pakistan relations on Dunya TV in Urdu

عافیہ صدیقی کی رہائی کی نئی کوشش!سات سال سے قید شکیل آفریدی کو چھوڑنا ہوگا؟آفریدی رہائی امریکا کا اولین مطالبہ…

Posted by Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Saath on Thursday, November 8, 2018