Pakistan in the Danger Zone Report Launch

On Monday, June 28, the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center hosted an event for the launch of our new report, "Pakistan in the Danger Zone: A Tenuous US – Pakistan Relationship." The event featured an introduction from Atlantic Council President and CEO, Frederick Kempe, and a panel discussion with South Asia Center Director Shuja Nawaz, Washington Post Foreign Correspondent Pamela Constable, and Former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Ambassdor Riaz Khan.

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No bilateral relationship in the world matches that of the US and Pakistan when it comes to its combustible combination of strategic importance and perilous instability. “If the US and Pakistan cannot work together then the war in Afghanistan may well be lost inside Pakistan.” This is the main message of the Atlantic Council’s new report, "Pakistan in the Danger Zone: A Tenuous US – Pakistan Relationship" by Shuja Nawaz, Director of the Council’s South Asia Center.

A year after the Atlantic Council raised a warning flag in the report, Needed: A Comprehensive US Policy Towards Pakistan, the situation in Pakistan remains on edge, with a fragile political system, weak economy, and growing distrust between the US and Pakistan governments. Pakistan in the Danger Zone warns policymakers that the US-Pakistan relationship may be heading into another serious downturn. The report highlights key recommendations for policymakers on how to achieve a sustainable and productive relationship between the two countries, and stability in the region.

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