Shuja Nawaz Participates in Ottawa Dialogue on Nuclear Confidence-building Measures

Highlight - Nawaz

Atlantic Council South Asia Center Director Shuja Nawaz recently assisted in crafting and adopting a list of nuclear confidence-building measures at a meeting in Copenhagen with a group of retired senior officials, military officers, and academics from India and Pakistan.

Led by University of Ottawa Professor Peter Jones, the Ottawa Dialogue has put forth “Practical Steps Towards Nuclear Confidence-building in South Asia,” just as governments in the region begin to discuss nuclear issues related to both military and civilian use.

The Copenhagen meeting was sponsored by the Danish foreign ministry and the National Defense University. Under the leadership of Shuja Nawaz, the South Asia Center at the Atlantic Council seeks to foster partnerships with key institutions in the region to establish itself as a forum for dialogue between decision makers in South Asia, the United States, and NATO.

Read the group’s recommendations here (pdf)