Forward Movement on India-Pakistan Track II Military and Water Dialogues

On April 1, 2013, South Asia Center Director Shuja Nawaz traveled to Pakistan to convene discussions with the Pakistani contingent of the India-Pakistan Track II Military and Water Dialogues. Mr. Nawaz led working groups for both dialogues in Lahore.

The South Asia Center also co-sponsored a seminar in Lahore with Madadgar Trust on the “Rights of Rivers,” which focused on the Ravi River and provided recommendations for curbing environmental abuse of the Ravi. The Ravi River, a transboundary river that flows through Northwestern India and eastern Pakistan, is an integral part of the Indus River Basin and its water was given to India under the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 while Pakistan had ten years to build canals from northern rivers to the Ravi.

While in Rawalpindi, he worked on a study on the links between the military education school system and the potential for broader reform within the system. He also met with the Indian and UK high commission staff, US embassy staff, and senior Pakistani civil and military officials.